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Cool dude, cartoonist, random dude. Wish to make cool animations.
And a Pizza.


Mexico, Oaxaca

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Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - July 31st, 2021

Request somenthing funny and i'll drew it




Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - July 13th, 2021

Idk what to draw, i mean, don't have really idea what to do for my personal proyect of anything, like. What i can do?


Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - June 29th, 2021

Even if today i'm feeling kinda boring. But, eh. That Chilli Dog was worth it.



Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - June 24th, 2021

So... 30 years, huh?

Man, it has been a long, and that concert... THAT CONCERT! The second part hit hard as fuck- Like, really. Got me so damn hard on Endless Possibilites.



Sonic is been important in my whole life. I mean.

When i was a little dud, like... Maybe 5 or like that, i wasn't really a fan of videogames, i had no purpose at anything. I mean, yes. I played PvZ and some bootlegs back then. But like, it wasn't like a big deal for me. Until one day.

I was in a shop.

7 years old (I can't remember well). And i saw him.

A blue guy running across a screen, a loop and some nice and colorfull valley with flowers and palmtrees. It was a huge bam for me.

Unfortunely, years later i realized that that game was actually SEGA Superstars Tennis... But anyway...

Later, after that, i got like hella excited, i wanted to know anything related to him, and that's where Internet and whole flash got to me. Sonic Paradox videos, Ultimate Flash Sonic (In fact, when i was new here, one of the imediate things i did was finding that one, that was my shit back then.), other animations and flash games from other pages. The Sonic Mania itself. And one of the main importants things i remeber, it was me always wanted to play the original trilogy, but specially Unleashed. It was like... Somenthing. Somenthing huge and precious that i should play it yes, or yes. Sadly, i can't find a way to. But i'll manage the way to, i'll will.

Those were the times where Unleashed was the big deal. Never got why the bad reception, never will.

Watched longplays of it, day after day... After one day.

I got an AtGames thing based of a Gamegear.

Yeah, tercermundismo, but as a kid i got satisfaced with that. And man.

Sonic Chaos. Was a freaking divine gift, alongside Tails Adventure, Spinball, Triple Trouble, Drift 2, Ristar and Alex Kidd games. It was a huge surprise to hear them in the concert, like, never expected it.

But let's go to the main stuff.

At christmas i got...

Another AtGames stuff. But it was an Megadrive one!

And dude!

I remember when my sister and cousins played Sonic 2 multiplayer and other games inside. That AtGames one is actually alive, i gave it to my lil' cousins as a gift. Even if is probably already biting dust i feel fine to give one part of my childhood to others, even if it's an bad version of it

Time passed by and, welp I became more open to other sagas, Mario, Kirby and Crash specially, but Sonic was and still is the one. The one who adore most and love, even with the defects it can have.

Even one more interesting thing. Without Sonic, i wouldn't even be here.

Sonic helped me to make friends and to always look foward, no matter how hard it can be the times. Sometimes i feel bummers, but yet still, i'm here.

Like i said before, i had no purpose when i was dud. Later i relized that, drawing is in my veins. Ans Sonic kept me to push fowards. If sometimes i feel like in middle of shadows, it doesn't matter. I always belive in myslef. Who cares if is unknown for others? I feel happy to know there's Endless Possiblites for me and everyone. Like.

Sonic has been always here for me, no matter how times change. I feel like. Man.

Sometimes i wish to live in South Island. To see the hedgehog who made me realize what i can do and more.

Thank you Sonic.

And Happy Birthday.

Thank you.



Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - May 17th, 2021

I dunno, but past last week i remember. Was weird. My sis brought Pizza for herself, then i was having thoughts of Pizza afterwards... And Friday, i found a Pizza message in my house. Man. I can't belive i wasted a chance. But yeah.

I dunno what to do now, since i have school stuff and not much time on Newgrounds... So i'll just ask if somebody had a similar experience, and to say:




Posted by BlueKnightSkeleton - April 28th, 2021

So... Yeah. Hello Newgrounds, i´m new around here...

My name is BlueKnightSkeleton, but call me Knight. Love games, pizza and drawing a lot, althought i want to animate, but i suck at that lmao. Don't have pretty much to say for now...

Not sure if you're gonna like my art and stuff... But i hope to be part of this HUGE comunity!